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Confident coloring

My first coloring book is available on Amazon now!

As an introduction, I will start with an anectode. I might have told it before but nobody reads captions so I’ll tell it again.

One day I submitted some drawings of classical sculptures for my course at the art academy. The professor, without as much as glancing at them went “perhaps they would be good for a coursebook on how to draw, but it’s not art”. The end.

What was upsetting at the time made me realise - yep, I do like what my boyfriend jokingly calls “the correct art” and yep, I’d love to teach it to those who like it as well.

Let’s start recording classes!
After the first attempt, I came to the sad realisation that I don’t actually like the sound of my voice.

Let’s start writing books!
Minor drawback is that I know nothing about publishing so I should probably learn a thing or two before spending a couple years obsessing over 600 pages of my own “Alla Prima”.

Let’s try on something small.
A coloring book.

First of all I do apologise that it’s rather expensive, my royalties are more or less a wet trout slap per copy so it’s not that I set up a massive profit margin. It’s mostly the printing cost. I didn’t want to have it printed on a napkin. I do it mostly for experience, exposure and motivation so it’s still hugely important to me that people buy it and like it I’m just poignantly aware my initial efforts as an author I won’t put our tortoise through college with your money. Although, the plan is that if my books are attracting any attention maybe finding a publisher will become an option in future.

I will share my further observations about the whole publishing business in following posts, it’s fascinating and confusing in equal measure.

Last thing. An experiment. I will do what my clients sometimes do to check if you read the job description before applying. If you read the caption please write “wet trout slap” in comments section.

Yours sincerely

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